How to backup your game server

GGHosting provide the ability to perform integrated backups for all servers. It is strongly advised that backups are taking frequently as in the event of an issue these can be used for data restoration. Whilst we at GGHosting backup our infrastructure at system level, for us to perform granular restores of user servers from these backups is time consuming and not fit for the purpose. We therefore recommend that in order to ensure your server is safe as possible, you take your own backups by following the below.


  1. Login to the Server Control Panel here
  2. Click Manage under your server
  3. Hover over Management and then click Data Vault
  4. On this screen click Create New Backup


This will stop your server and backup all server files. Once the backup is complete you will need to start your server again.

In the event of any issue in the future, you can return back to this screen to either restore your server back to a previous point in time using the 'Deploy' button or you can download the backup to your local PC. The downloaded backups can be extracted on your local PC if you wish to restore individual files.

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